Title of/interest in all goods delivered to/collected by the Customer – or its Agents acting on their behalf – belong to CCTV Wholesales until the time of receipt by the Company of all sums payable, whether in respect of the goods or otherwise, in full.

We may at any reasonable time enter upon your and / or your Customers premises to recover goods in the event of non payment of any amounts owed to us. To protect your Customer, You agrees to hold any deposits/payments paid for the equipment up to the value of the invoice, in trust ready for timely payment to us.

Due to continual product development/improvements and/or in the event of equipment/component shortages, however caused, goods supplied may from time to time differ- brand/specification/price – from those listed above. We will endeavour to inform the Customer beforehand of any such changes, including changes in price if only an alternative product is available.

Unless stated otherwise, all goods are guaranteed for 24 months from date of invoice. Guarantee excludes “fair wear and tear – damaged by normal wear and tear. Defects resulting from negligence or misuse, unauthorized modification, operating or storage outside of environmental specification,, damage in transit or from external elements such as lightning, electrical surges, theft, accidental or malicious damage are not covered under any warranty claim – this list is not exhaustive.

PLEASE NOTE: there are no user serviceable parts in any of our equipment. If the Customer returns any suspected faulty equipment with signs of tampering, including serial number label, broken security seal etc. without the express written authorization from us, then this will automatically invalidate the warranty. In any warranty dispute, as to what is or is not covered, our sole decision is final.

No goods may be returned to us without the express authority from us. In all events the Customer must provide written proof of purchase. Please ring to report your suspected fault . If goods need to be returned to us , please completed the RMA form in the support section on our website and obtain a returns number which must be clearly visible / identifiable on the external packaging of the returned goods. Unauthorized returns, posted and/or hand delivered to our office, whether signed for/accepted, in error or not, will NOT be accepted/processed.

Returns, tested and found to have a genuine manufacturing defect parts and workmanship, within our Guarantee period (see above) may at our sole discretion be either (in this order) repaired, replaced free of charge with a new or equivalent condition unit – of the same or similar model / spec – or refunded, as we see fit. It is the express responsibility of the Customer to return goods under warranty claim carriage paid.

It is The Customer’s responsibility to send back any suspected faulty goods through a carrier that provides proof of delivery by signature.

At our sole discretion, subject to a written loan agreement, goods may be loaned to Customers for any period up to 30 days on a ‘Sale or Return’ basis, free of charge for account holders, within credit limit, only. Non account holders have to pay for any loaned goods upfront, 100% refundable deposit basis, on the express agreement that we will completely refund all monies paid subject to the goods being returned carriage paid in an immaculate ‘immediately resalable’ condition. All Customers will be invoiced for the goods – irrespective of whether the loan was written/verbal – if they are not returned within 30 days.

If any leads/cables/connectors are damaged or tampered with on any sealed units or warranty stickers are broken, the warranty is void.

We will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer, any Third Party and/or its Agents/representatives whether direct or consequentially arising from: any delay in delivery of equipment breakdown or failure of equipment or from any delay in effecting repairs, adjustments or the fitting of any replacement parts; any representation concerning the equipment which has been made to the Customer unless the same has been made to the Company in writing; any loss or damage or injury to any person or property arising as a result of the use of the equipment however caused.

In any dispute, of whatever nature, the maximum liability of CCTV Wholesales is either replacing or crediting the invoiced value of goods in respect of which any kind of claim is made.

We shall not be responsible or liable for its failure to perform its obligations, if such failure is beyond the control of the Supplier, whether caused by acts of god, unavailability or shortages of materials of energy to produce and/or deliver the goods by usual modes of transportation, fire, flood, war, embargo, strikes, labour disputes, explosions, riots, of Laws, rule, regions, restrictions or orders of any governmental authority, or any other cause, other than financial, beyond the control of the supplies and its Suppliers.

Out of warranty, either time expired and/or invalidated, suspected faulty equipment returned, carriage paid, for testing/repair will be subject to a minimum inspection charge of £15 + VAT per unit. The Customer agrees that the Supplier, although we will endeavour to, is under no obligation to repair any out of warranty items, for whatever reason. We reserve the right to charge all customers upfront (100%) for this service. Written repair quotes available on request.

Audio & Video Recording
For security, training purposes and to prevent fraud – all calls may be recorded and recordings held until such a time as no liability to the Supplier could arise – e.g. goods are paid for in full, out of warranty period etc.

Labour Rates
We reserves the right at our sole discretion, to charge for our Companies time when undertaking any work -whether authorized or not – on behalf of the Customer. Examples of chargeable items, this list is not exhaustive, , No Fault Found returns,, any time spent on debt collection whatsoever. The CCTV Wholesales charge out rate, within office hours, per person is: £5 per ¼ hour or part of.

The interpretation and performance of these conditions will be governed by the law of England.

If any terms are unlawful then they may be altered/removed/reworded without affecting the remaining conditions. Due to any unforeseen global/national/local economic conditions, (including currency fluctuations, item shortages/unforeseen demand etc.) prices and specification may change without prior notice, for any reason and at any time.

Although we take great care to ensure that the details contained in our literature are correct, CCTV Wholesales takes no responsibility/liability for any errors or omissions, however caused.

At our sole discretion, this document may be reviewed/amended at any time and for any reason in the future by means of alteration/addition/omission.

IMPORTANT: You are under no obligation to conduct business with ourselves. Please do not purchase from us if you are not entirely happy and/or do not agree unreservedly to and/or are unsure of any of the above. However we aim to provide superior and reliable products and quality services that our customers can depend on. But please remember that like you, we are in the business to make a profit from what we do.