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This extra compact lockable DVR cabinet, CCTV equipment enclosure is ideal for smaller DVR and NVR units (usually with 1 hard drive fitted) to keep them secure from tampering by staff or even intruders. The latest data protection regulations call for personal data to be protected and this includes CCTV footage.

CCTV Code of Practice states that all recorded CCTV images must be…“securely stored, where only a limited number of authorized persons may have access to them”

The VAULT100 is an extra compact design so not only is it a great fit for smaller DVRs/NVRs but it can fit in small spaces  and is perfect for mounting to the wall sat on a shelf out of general view, especially great in small retail outlets where space is tight.

Not only is the enclosure extra small, but it also boasts a removable lid and door to make installing and setting up your recording device much easier. Once the recorder is up and running you can simply replace the lid back on the unit, click the door back into place and securely lock up the entire unit.

You won’t find another enclosure on the market quite this compact! Most units are designed as 1 size fits all so are made much larger to accommodate those larger DVRs and NVRs.

Using a KitVault enclosure is even easier than rack mounting as you have clear access to the rear of the recorder making it easy to plug in your BNC and other leads thanks to the removable lid and door that can eventually be locked in place. There’s no more trying to reach into the back of racks to find the lead you’re looking for.

Each model features handy fixing holes that let you bolt the enclosure to the wall behind it making it hard for an imposter to simply pick up it and walk out with it.

The units are designed to be stackable too with feet indentations on each to give extra stability. This is ideal for hiding away ancillary equipment such as distributors, power supplies, baluns and excess cabling and helps keep the installation neat and tidy.

Size is 95mm Height, 384mm width, 328mm depth

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