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DS-1473ZJ-135 Hikvision Wall Mount Bracket


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DS-1473ZJ-135 Hikvision wall bracket for CCTV cameras.

Used with selected Hikvision cameras to mount them vertically away from a horizontal wall. This enables users to get a better viewing angle whilst also protecting the pigtail leads from the elements.

It is recommended to mount the cameras on a flat wall, ensuring the wall is capable of supporting at least three times the weight of the camera and the mount combined. The maximum loading capacity of the DS-1473ZJ-135 is 3KG.

Main Features

  • Aluminum alloy with surface spray
  • Cable hole for cable routing
  • Cap for installation
  • To be installed on a flat wall
  • Waterproof rubber is necessary for outdoor application.
  • 3KG maximum weight
  • 704g Weight
  • Dimensions: Ø136mm x 183.5mm x 230mm

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