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Hikvision Deepinmind NVR 16 channel PoE 12MP, IDS-7716NXI-I4/16S(B)


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The Hikvision Deepinmind NVR IDS-7716NXI-I4/16S(B) features Acusense  Technology doesn’t require the Acusense camera to distinguish between human,

Hikvision 16 channel NVR with 8 channel human body detection for intelligent event filtering,  deep in mind NVR will only trigger a smart event when a human body is detected and all other detections will be filtered out avoiding unnecessary nuisance tripping – especially useful on alarm or police monitored installations.

Deepinmind NVR Builds 8 channel human detection indexes allowing you to search archives based on personal characteristics such as age, gender, colour of clothing.

You can also upload an image of a person of significance and allow the NVR to search its capture archives based on a similarity level which can be set by the user with all search results shown on screen in the form of viewable thumbnails.

Main Features

  • H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264 video formats
  • Up to 16 channel IP cameras can be connected
  • 4 HDD can be used for continuous video recording
  • Intelligent analytics based on deep learning algorithm
  • Up to 16-ch perimeter protection
  • Up to 16-ch 1080p decoding capability

IDS-7716NXI-I4/16S(B) Hikvision Deepinmind NVR Downloads


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