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DS-2CE76U1T-ITMF Hikvision Turbo 8MP 4K Camera 2.8mm Lens


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DS-2CE76U1T-ITMF Hikvision  8MP turret CCTV camera. Provides ultra HD images for your 8MP DVR.

The DS-2CE76U1T-ITMF Hikvision 4K 8MP turret camera is an ultra-high-resolution, analogue bullet style CCTV camera that has powerful infrared LED for night vision up to 60 meters. It also has Hikvision ultra low light image sensor for clearer 4K images at night time. Equipped with a wide-angle lens to provide a viewing angle of 102 degrees.

4 in 1 video output means it’s backward compatible and also compatible with other manufacturers’ DVRs that support 4K, 8MP analogue camera with a BNC connector using RG59 coaxial type cable.

The Hikvision DS-2CE76U1T-ITMF uses an ultra-high-resolution 4K image sensor to deliver stunning images with exceptional levels of detail over conventional analogue cabling infrastructure. This allows a single camera to cover a large area without losing important image detail.

Please note: Ultra high-resolution ( 4K 8MP) analogue cameras are more susceptible to interference. To ensure best results, install a high-quality power supply ( ONE PER CAMERA as advised by Hikvision ) and high-quality RG59 coaxial cable, avoid cabling near sources of interference, and use a power filter (included) for longer cable distances. CAT5e with 4K video baluns can be used but may cause loss of regulation.

If your budget allows, you should consider 8MP 4K Hikvision IP cameras which will eliminate any interference issues and also offer real-time recording and display with improved image quality.

Main Features

  • 8MP high resolution (4K)
  • 2.8mm wide lens (102 degrees)
  • 4 in 1, can be used as TVI, CVI, AHD or Analogue camera
  • Up to 30m IR distance
  • IP67 weatherproof

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