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DTV-IPCC0AX-R IP Over Coax Reciever


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IP over coax, Ethernet over coaxial cable RECIEVER for use at IP camera end. Can power camera at up to 12 watts DTV-IPCC0AX-R.

The DTV-IPCOAX/R is Ethernet and power signal receiver over a single coaxial cable. The DTV-IPCOAX/R is used with DTV-IPCOAX/T, which is an ideal solution for the reconstruction of old projects without any change of existing coaxial cable. You needn’t change coax into network cable when you want to change analogue cameras into IP cameras.

Both Ethernet and power transmission distance reach max up to 1000 meters. With high-speed modern technology, the physical bandwidth is up to 100Mbps (bidirectional). The DTV-IPCOAX/R is a built-in multi-stage surge and lightning protection that protect video equipment against damaging voltage spikes and provides noise immunity to ensure quality signals without disturbing “hum-bars”.

The DTV-IPCOAX/R is widely applied to the fields such as network expanding system, network security system, network information distribution system, network upgrading & expanding system, railway and urban transportation, metallurgy, and mining, field operations, etc.

DTV-IPCC0AX-R Features

  • Ethernet transmission distance reaches max up to 1000 meters
  • Power transmission distance reaches max up to 1000 meters
  • Meet standards of EEE802.3 10BASE-T, IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX
  • Support IEEE802.3af standard; automatically detect and recognize IEEE802.3af standard PD equipment and provide power to PD equipment
  • High-speed modem technology, the physical bandwidth is up to 100Mbps (bidirectional)
  • Multi-stage strong surge and lightning protection design
  • Low power consumption, automatic error-correction coding technology
  • Easy to install, plug-and-play mode, fast network connection
  • Include extra 53VDC/1.25A power adaptor

DTV-IPCOAX-T IP and Power Over Coaxial