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CCTV Power Supply 12Volts 5Amp 4 Way


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12 volt CCTV  power supply ideal for CCTV cameras. This power adapter has 4 self-resetting fused outputs to prevent damage to cameras or the power supply itself by overloading. 4 terminals for 4 cameras and can be mounted to the wall.

Easily wall mounted using a handy fixing lug for a tidy installation. There’s no need to wire up an additional junction box, CCTV power supply has 4 separate outputs to suit most 12V DC CCTV cameras. Each port has a 2A supply that will power even thirsty IR cameras and is fused to prevent over-voltage.

A really useful adjustment potentiometer allows voltage adjustment from 12V DC up to 14.9V DC that can help overcome issues with volt drop on long cable runs whilst on site.The neat design has a kettle lead to input power and can be screwed to a wall or bolted to a rack thanks to a simple fixing lug. Its compact size makes it easy to install behind other equipment such as DVRs whether rack-mounted or in a DVR enclosure.

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