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30m CAT5 Cable Grey Ethernet Cable


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30m CAT5 cable commonly referred to as Ethernet cable or Network cable or CAT5e is a twisted pair cable for computer networks & IP cameras. The cable standard provides performance of up to 100Megs and is suitable for most varieties of Ethernet over twisted pair. Cat 5e Ethernet cable is also used to carry other signals such as telephony and video. The 10m CAT5 cable is terminated with RJ45 connectors & is ready to use with your Hikvision IP camera.

This cable is commonly connected using punch-down blocks and modular connectors. Most Category 5 cables are unshielded, relying on the balanced line twisted pair design and differential signaling for noise rejection.

Category 5 was deprecated in 2001 and superseded by the category 5e specification.

A very common question regarding security camera installs is the type of cabling to use. Currently, 2 types of wiring are widely used for IP cameras which are Cat5 and Cat6 twisted-pair cabling.

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CAT5E Ethernet Cable

Cat5 Enhanced(cat5e) replaced the traditional Cat5 cable and introduced speeds up to ten times faster than Cat5 cable. Cat5e was considered the standard cable to use in the early 2000s. It can handle up to 100 Mbps of bandwidth.

CAT6 Ethernet Cable

Cat6 is only needed between devices that carry a lot of data such as NVR & switch/router and there is no harm in using CAT6 throughout your CCTV installation other than cost. Cat6 cable allows for ten times the amount of bandwidth capable of 1G  of bandwidth. It should be noted, though, that after 165 feet Cat6 is only capable of supporting of 100Megs bandwidth.


Both cables are a reliable choice for camera installs. Currently, Cat5e cable is more than enough bandwidth for any IP camera on the market. Almost all IP cameras currently use under a 10mbps of bandwidth making cat5e a valid choice.

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