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HDMI Cable 3m, High speed 1080P HDTV


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HDMI cable 3m in length ideal for TV cand CCTV monitors up to 1080P in resolution.

DMI HIGH SPEED Cable – All the performance but at a cheaper price!
HDMI 19pin Male to HDMI 19pin Male

High Quality screened cable.

Compatible with all HDMI resolutions inc 720p 720i 1080i 1080p. HDCP Compatible High-Speed Cable Nickel Plated Ends for long-lasting connections HDMI Male (19pin) to HDMI Male (19pin) cables. Molded conductors (PS3/Xbox 360/BluRay/DVD/SkyHD compatible)

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface some of the world’s largest audiovisual manufacturers have signed up to the HDMI specification. Over the next few years, HDMI will become the mainstream interconnect replacing analogue cable systems such as the scart common in Europe.

For direct connections only. If connecting through faceplates splitters or converters we would recommend our performance HDMI cables.

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