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Beam detector 100m range PAIR

Beam detector 100m range PAIR

£35.00 exc. VAT | £42.00 incl. VAT



 Invisible Infra-red Barrier Beams can be used as an add on to alarm inputs on DVR/NVR or IP cameras with alarm inputs to provide push notification with video when the bean is broken. Sold in pairs and a transmitter and receiver.

  • Intelligent Power Transmission – Independent development of the chip can automatically sense ambient changes according to the environmental conditions.
  • It will automatically adjust to the radio’s transmit power therefore extending the life of the launching tube, while also lowering power.
  • Cable, bus compatible, holographic spot real-time reporting.
  • Full-function diagnostics, environmental adaptive, fault lock.
  • Digital Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence Identification: Using artificial intelligence fuzzy judgments, false positives to a minimum.
  • Patent coaxial dual focal length precision optical aspheric focusing lens.
  • Dedicated DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional fault-tolerant, real detection alarm technology.
  • Optical lens up and down while structural adjustments, to adjust faster and more accurate.
  • Professional CPU chips, strong anti-interference
Beam detector 100m range PAIR

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Beam detector 100m range PAIR
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