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30 Watts Amplifier for PA Systems A-2030


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The A-2030DD-EB PA system is a high cost-performance mixer power amplifier suited for broadcasting paging or background music in schools, offices, shops, factories, temples, mosques, churches and large rooms.

PA System features

  • 3 microphone inputs, 2 AUX input and 1 recording output
  • DD-varieties with 2 phone jacks and 1 5-pin DIN input
  • D-varieties with 3 phone jacks
  • Speaker output of constant voltage distribution system (100 V)
  • Independent tone control of boost and cut type for both high and low frequency
  • MIC 1 with phantom power and mute function
  • Current limiter to prevent damage due to current overload
  • Excess heat limit to protect the transistor and power transformer
  • Available in 30 W, 60 W, 120 W and 240 W rated output

The A-2030 public address amplifier is ideal for schools, offices, shops, factories, mosques, churches, and large rooms. Flexibility Easy to handle


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