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8 Channel NVR, 5MP, Built-in PoE


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8 channel NVR with 8 PoE ports & 5MP recording.

Main Features

  • 8x Network Interfaces with PoE function (up to 5MP)
  • 1x SATA interface, up to 8TB capacity
  • 1x HDMI output
  • 1x VGA output
  • Supports 1 additional IP  camera
  • H265/H264 compression
  • 1 channel output
  • P2P remote viewing using FREEIP app
  • 2-year guarantee

8 Channel NVR Includes

  • NVR3608DP – 9 channel NVR with 8 PoE
  • Power supply for NVR

8 channel NVR with PoE by Qtron is plug and play NVR when used with Qtron  IP cameras offering real-time recording on every camera at up to 5MP. No need for an extra power supply or cables as one CAT5/6 cable will carry power and video data to and from the camera.

The QT-NVR3604DP NVR offers 4 PoE ports which allow you to connected 8 cameras directly to the NVR with an additional 1 camera via your LAN thus giving you a total of 9 IP cameras.

Latest H.265 video file compressions save nearly 50% hard drive space and cost compared to H.264. This also means a smaller file size for over internet viewing.

For a full new install, you will also need-

  • Hard drive for recording the footage
  • Cables- one per camera
  • Cable clips
  • CCTV monitor screen or your own TV to view it on
  • HDMI cable to connect your screen

Mobile Phone Remote viewing

The Qtron  9 channel NVR will be online as soon as you connect a cable to your router. You can download the free app called FreeIP at any time ready for when you receive your Qtron NVR3608DP 9 channel NVR. You can watch this video which shows you how to download the app and set up your free account. You don’t need to make any changes on the NVR!

Need support for Qtron products?

Start chat by clicking let’s talk at the bottom right-hand side of your screen or call us. We support all products purchased from CCTV wholesales.

Hard Disk size & recording times

When the hard drive gets full on the NVR, it will start to delete the oldest 15 minutes of recording to make space for new footage. The number of days of recording that you will be able to revive depends on a number of settings and conditions.

a) How much activity there is in view of the cameras
b) what quality the resolution is set to
c) if it’s set to record continuously or on motion only
d) Hard drive size used

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