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5MP Auto Tracking Camera PoE Microphone & Speaker

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This product has been discontinued.


5MP Auto Tracking camera. PTZ CCTV camera with microphone, speaker for 2-way audio and  PoE  & Plug /play with Hikvision. 4.5ins metal construction. Supports Hikvision protocol platform.

Auto Tracking Camera Main Features

  • 5MP Sony Starvis back-illuminated sensor IMX335+
  • Built-in speaker & microphone for 2 way audio
  • Built-in pre-recorded messages to warn off
  • 0.01 lux colour & 0.001 lux BW @F1.2
  • Smart multi-point auto-tracking
  • Free mobile phone viewing app P6Lite
  • Face detection to reduce false push alarm notifications
  • Plug and play with Hikvision
  • 80 meters IR range day/night operation
  • HD IP H.265 compression
  • Internal PoE or 12 volts DC operation
  • 20 x motorized autofocus zoom lens
  • Pan 0-360 , pan speed 0 to 100/s
  • Tilt -90

Questions & answers
1     Is it plug & play with Hikvision NVR
Yes as long as you use the built-in PoE of the NVR?

2     What is the default password?
There is no password by default

3     How do I start patrols?
Go to preset 98 to start patrols.

4     Can I control it and speak to someone with my mobile phone?
Yes, use NVR mobile app, or if standalone use P6 Lite App.

5      Do I have to have an NVR?
No, but you will not be able to record the video footage.

6      Is this wireless or WIFI & battery operated?
No, you will need a CAT5/6 cable wired to your NVR or PoE switch/12VDC or PoE switch

7      I connected it to my Hikvision NVR & I can hear sound but can’t speak out to them?
You need to open ports on your router, this normal on all HIkvision DVR/NVRs & IP cameras.

8      How do I setup auto-tracking?
Move the camera to the position you want to track and SETUP preset 40, now CALL preset 40 and the camera will automatically follow a person. If a person is lost, the camera will return to its normal position after 8 seconds.

9      How do I stop auto-tracking?
CALL prest 41 to stop auto-tracking

10    Can I set up more than one tracking preset?
Yes, up to 16 presets can be used to auto-tracking with pause time. Use prest 50 to start multipoint tracking.



Plug & play with Hikvision
Plug and play mean just that, no need to change IP address, protocol, ports, password, and so on when used with Hikvision NVRs with built-in PoE ports. Just plug the camera using a CAT5/6 cable into any PoE port on NVR and that’s it. You can also use it off NVR PoE by manually addressing the camera’s IP address.

Sony Starlight image sensor
Ultra-low light performance using Sony starlight back-illuminated image sensor as used by the leading CCTV manufacture and called darkfighter.

Smart Auto-tracking
Not just motion tracking but smart body detection tracking using an intelligent AI algorithm allows this IP PTZ camera to follow a human subject without being fooled by animals or other objects in the area. This also means that push notification alerts on your mobile are reduced. The optimum tracking distance is 5 to 25 meters.

Simple P2P cloud remote access.
Download free P6Lite App from phone store App or google play store and connect Auto tracking PTZ security camera to your phones. View live video or recorded files at any time and anywhere from day to night. Turn on notification on your phone to receive the instant alert for which you cared. Listen and talk remotely and control the PTZ all from your phone. You can of course your NVRs remote access app in place of.

2 Way Audio and pre-recorded messages.
Don’t just watch someone trying to break into your property, tell them the police have been called! With a built-in 10-watt speaker and microphone, you can talk and listen from your intruder all from your mobile phone.

You can also set the camera to automatically play one of 8 pre-recorded messages whenever some enter the protected area.

Auto track while running patrols
This is one of a hand full of cameras that will auto track while also running go to pre-set (patrols). Up to 16 position patrol can be programmed.

PoE Power over Ethernet
No need for an extra power supply or extra cable, one CAT5/6 will carry all of the signals and power to the camera from the NVR. If you want to use the camera without an NVR, you can use 12 volts power supply or a PoE switch.

18 X Optical zoom lens
Maintain ultimate image quality and get closer to your subject. This PTZ features 6mm to 96mm motorized auto focus lens which is wide-angle to 18 times closer!

See in the Dark.
True night vision without disturbing the neighbors is this camera’s long-range infra-red light which will illuminate subjects up to 80 meters away. Infra-Red lighting is not visible to the human eye.



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