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12 Volts 5 Amp, 4 way Boxed CCTV Power Supply


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This 12V 5 AMP, 4 way boxed CCTV Power supply with 4 fused outputs and total power output of 5Amp for CCTV Systems.
Lockable hinged lid and LED fault indicator for each output. Includes kettle IEEC lead connect to the normal 3pin socket so no electrician is required to sign off the installation. Each power supply output is rated at 1.1Amp. LED indicator on the lid to show overall 12Volts supply status for quick fault finding.

This power adapter is ideal for wall mounting when used with shotgun cable also called RG59 plus power or siamese cable. Buy CCTV power supply at a low price from direct from CCTV wholesales as we are a wholesaler in the UK.

4 Way boxed CCTV power supply features

  • 12 Volt DC 5Amp max ( 60 watts)
  • 4 x PTC self-resetting overload protection
  • 4 x LED indicators status
  • Hinged Lockable lid with keys
  • IEEC lead included
  • Input voltage AC-100-120V , Ac200V  -240V 50Hz/60Hz
  • 2-year guarantee

PSU-12V5A4W Datasheet



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