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30m CCTV Cable, Professional Grade RG59 & Power


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30m CCTV cable features a video and power line, so there’s no need to run 2 cables out to your cameras!

Copper RG59 Cable unlike cheaper cables, these professional-grade video cables use Bare Copper RG59 cabling, resulting in less power drop-off and an improved signal. This is essential for keeping the picture quality of HD CCTV cameras.

Waterproof Cable- This cable is insulated with a sturdy waterproof jacket, making it suitable for exterior use, or even laying underground

  • 30m CCTV cable carries both video and DC power
  • Features secure BNC connection for Video
  • 2.1mm Jack for 12V DC Power
  • Composed of Professional grade Copper RG59 Cable
  • Waterproof Cable, suitable for burying

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