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  • Hikvision Compatible 2MP IP Covert Camera pinhole


    2MP IP covert camera which is Hikvision compatible with pinhole lens and SD card slot for onboard recording. Supports plug and play  Hikvision, ONVIF & XM protocol. Compatible with Hikvision.Hikom /Alien (System Q) &XM ( Dahua) NVR’s . Some setups may be required manual IP address change using the software provided. Please note that these…

  • IPC-T250H(2.8MM) Hilook IP Turret camera

    HiLook 5MP IPC-T250H(2.8MM) Turrent camera 2.8mm lens


    IPC-T250H (2.8MM) 5MP IP Turrent camera 2.8mm lens by Hikvision Hilook. Plug and play with all Hikvision and HiLook NVRs. 5MP high-definition turret camera that is packed with advanced features in an attractive and stylish casing.  The popular turret dome shape is ideal for those wanting to add a discreet security camera, with great night…

    SKU: IPC-T250H(2.8MM)
  • 5mp-ipc-t250h-grey-hilook-by-hikvision

    HiLook 5MP Camera IPC-T250H(2.8MM)G Turrent 2.8mm lens GREY


    This HiLook 5MP camera IP Turrent in turret style housing, 2.8mm lens GREY model number IPC-T250H(2.8MM)G The IPC-T250H is a 5MP high-definition turret camera that is packed with advanced features in an attractive and stylish casing.  The popular turret dome shape is ideal for those wanting to add a discreet security camera, with great night…

    SKU: IPC-T250H(2.8MM)G
  • HiLook IP bullet camera IPC-B150H-M

    5MP HiLook IP bullet camera IPC-B150H-M 2.8mm lens


    The Hikvision HiLook IPC-B150H-M is a 5 mega-pixel HD IP camera that comes with either a wide-angle 2.8mm or a narrower 4.0mm fixed lens and features a powerful built-in infrared LED’s for night vision up to 30 meters. H.265 Compression The IPC-B140H-M supports H.265 compression which when used with a compatible recorder significantly reduces bandwidth…

    SKU: IPC-B150H-M-2.8mm
  • IPC-D150H-M Hilook dome camera

    IPC-D150H-M-2.8MM 5MP HiLook IP Vandal dome camera.


    HiLook IPC-D150H-M Hikivision HiLook 5MP IP vandal dome cameras with 2.8mm wide-angle lens and 20meter IR range. suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Note: For ceiling mount only unless used with DS-1272zj bracket. IR fogging can occurs if raindrops or dirt settles on the camera or the camera is incorrectly angled. HiLook Vandal Dome Camera…

    SKU: IPC-D150H-M-2.8MM
  • 2MP Hikvision compatible pinhole IP camera


    Best Hikvision compatible pinhole IP camera with PoE, Micro Sd card slot for onboard recording, and microphone input. Supplied with 3.7mm pinhole lens and lens mounting brackets. The camera is on a 2-meter plugin lead which allows the control unit to be placed where space allows. The control unit has an input for the microphone…

  • hikvision IP Hidden camera

    Hikvision Compatible 2MP IP Hidden Camera 2.8mm Lens


    Hikvision IP Hidden camera for use with IP CCTV systems or hybrid DVRs ONVIF support. These spy cameras are set to Hikvision private protocol so no set up required if plugged into the PoE port of Hikvision NVRs. Can also be used as a standalone to record onto an SD card. The spy camera also…

  • 8MP ColorVu IP CCTV camera

    5MP ColourVu IP Turret Camera with 2.8mm Lens & Microphone


    5MP colourVu  IP turret CCTV camera with 2.8mm wide-angle lens and visible light illumination up to 30 meters. ColourVu technology has been designed to provide the end-user with excellent, true-color images day and night. Buy using visible light instead of infra-fed light. The High-quality lens enables the camera to collect more light than usual which…

    SKU: IXPG2357C-WH-2.8MM
  • 5MP IP Bullet PTZ with 4x Zoom, 80m IR Microphone and Speaker


    Qtron 5MP IP bullet PTZ CCTV Camera with 4 x motorised zoom lens , 80m IR range and built-in microphone and speaker. Qtron 5MP IP bullet PTZ CCTV camera with 4x  2.8 ~12mm zoom lens and 80 meters infrared range built-in PoE  & Plug /play with Hikvision/Dahua. Ideal for use with NVRs with built-in PoE…

    SKU: QT-HD345T-324RM
  • NVR-104MH-C/4P HiLook 4 channel NVR

    HiLook 4 Channel NVR-104MH-C/4P(B)


    The NVR-104MH-C/4P is a 4K 8MP 4 channel high definition Network Video Recorder with 4 POE ports that is packed with advanced features. The HiLook 4 channel NVR is ideal for those wanting to record multiple cameras in one recorder. The all-new H.265+ high-efficiency video coding significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements which effectively lowers…

    SKU: NVR-104MH-C/4P(B)
  • Hikvision 8MP IP Turret camera IXPG2385I-WH

    8MP IP Turret Camera With 2.8mm Lens & 30m IR


    Hikvision compatible  8MP IP turret camera is available in a 2.8mm wide-angle lens. The camera is fitted with IR LEDs with a maximum distance of 30m. Built-in microphone The built-in microphone captures clear sound for the recording of evidence. There’s no need for extra wires or setup. The turret’s flat-faced design tackles the issue of…

    SKU: IXPG2385I-WH-2.8MM
  • Hikvison Wireless camera

    2MP Wireless WIFI Bullet PTZ, 4x Zoom, SD Card Slot


    Best Outdoor Security Camera 2MP wireless best outdoor security camera for ideal for use with our CCTV systems where the cable would be time-consuming or not possible to access. Best wireless CCTV camera for Hikvision wireless CCTV systems.  Feature built-in speaker and microphone for 2-way audio. Can be used as a stand-alone recorder, just provide…

    SKU: NE-345TW-WF