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  • Hikvision Access control Cards


     Access control Cards MIFARE 1 S50 is a serial of non-contacting smart card that meets the standard of ISO/IEC 14443A. The communication layer (MIFARE RF interface) meets part2 and 3 of the ISO/IEC 14443A standard. The security layer supports CRYPTO1 data stream encryption of domain authentication. Hikvision Mifare contactless smart card for use with Hikvision…

    SKU: IC-S50
  • Hikvision Access control  key fob

    Hikvision Access Control Key Fob For Intercom


    Hikvision Access control  key fob Blue Hikvision access control key fob contactless smart key fob for use with Hikvision Acess control systems. and modular intercom systems. Keyfob contains a small shape, which is convenient to hand on the keychain. The card adopts ISO14443 Type A standard to communicate and its data transfer rate is 106…

    SKU: IC-S50/FOB
  • DS-KIS603-P(B) Hikviison villa station kit

    Hikvision Villa Door station Kit DS-KIS603-P(B)


    Hikvision Villa Door station Kit DS-KIS603-P(B) includes the video intercom outdoor station and indoor station required to have a fully functioning, IP intercom system TheDS-KIS603-P(B) is a  compact, single button device features two-way audio to enable live communications via the Indoor Station or remotely through HikConnect. smartphone app. It is possible to add up to…

    SKU: DS-KIS603-P(B)