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  • Sony Super Starlight bullet camera

    5MP Sony Super Starlight Sensor Bullet CCTV Camera 40M IR


    This 5MP camera uses a high-end Sony super starlight image sensor all in bullet housing for day-night operation, ideal for your home security system. AHD-TVI/AHD/CVI and standard resolution compliant, easy to adjust housing. True day night IR cut filter. Digital wide dynamic & 3D digital noise reductions to deliver noise-free images even in near-total darkness….

    SKU: 5ST-BUL40F-WH
  • Best hikvision outdoor camera DS-2CE16H0T-IT3E

    DS-2CE16H0T-IT3E Hikvision 5MP 3.6mm lens PoC Bullet CCTV Camera


    Hikvision 5MP CCTV camera in bullet-style housing makes this the best security surveillance camera for outdoor use. DS-2CE16H0T-IT3E Features PoC power over coaxial. Main Features 5MP image sensor, 0.01 Lux @ F1.2 Adopts HD-TVI technology 3.6mm fixed lens 72.4  angle view OSD menu Smart IR, EXIR2.0 technology Up to 40m IR distance IP67 weatherproof Up…

    SKU: DS-2CE16H0T-IT3E(3.6mm)
  • Hikvision colorvu turret camera

    Hikvision ColorVu Turret CCTV Camera 2MP 3.6mm


    Hikvision colorVu turret camera DS-2CE72DFT-F provides full-time colour image with 20m white light LEDs and a 3.6mm high-quality F1 lens. Wide compatibility 4 in 1 switchable video output to BNC connect means the camera can be used will all analogue CCTV systems at the flick of a button as this camera has TVI ( Turbo…

    SKU: DS-2CE72DFT-F
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  • DS-2CE16D8T-IT3E hikvision bullet CCTV camera

    DS-2CE16D8T-IT3E Hikvision Turbo 2MP Fixed Lens PoC Bullet Camera


    Hikvision ultra low light 2MP analogue CCTV camera model number DS-2CE16D8T-IT3E(3.6mm) for outstanding nighttime performance. Bullet cameras are named by their distinct cylindrical shape, which looks like a bullet shell or lipstick tube. As one of the most common types of security cameras, bullet cameras are a visible deterrent. … Like dome cameras, bullet cameras…

    SKU: DS-2CE16D8T-IT3E(3.6mm)
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  • hikvision colorvu DS-2CE72DFT-PIRXOF

    DS-2CE72DFT-PIRXOF Hikvision ColorVu 2MP Turret CCTV Camera with PIR & siren


    Hikvision Colorvu CCTV camera DS-2CE72DFT-PIRXOF 2MP fixed lens PIR siren turret camera ultra low-light PIR turret camera. Built-in true motion detection for push notification of actual movement to minimize false alarms. Works with Hikvision Turbo 4 DVRs and no additional wiring is required. Built-in PIR, Siren and light Unlike conventional cameras that can only serve…

    SKU: DS-2CE72DFT-PIRXOF28(2.8mm)
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  • DS-2CE16U1T-IT3F Hikvision 8MP best outdoor camera

    DS-2CE16U1T-IT3F Hikvision 8MP Turbo HD Bullet Camera 3.6mm Lens


    Hikvision 8MP bullet CCTV camera DS-2CE16U1T-IT3F with 3.6mm lens and 60m IR range. Best outdoor CCTV camera from Hikvision. The DS-2CE16U1T-IT3F Hikvision 4K 8MP bullet camera is an ultra-high-resolution,  analogue bullet style CCTV camera that has powerful infrared LED for night vision up to 60 meters. It also has Hikvision ultra low light image sensor…

    SKU: DS-2CE16U1T-IT3F(3.6mm)
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  • DS-2CE12HFT-E Hikvision 5MP colorvu bullet CCTV camera

    DS-2CE12HFT-E Hikvision ColorVu Bullet Camera 5MP PoC 3.6mm


    Best Hikvision colorVu 5MP CCTV bullet camera with PoC. 24/7 colour images DS-2CE12HFT-E and suitable for use with your Hikvision DVR. Power over Coaxial (PoC) basically means that power for the camera is supplied by the DVR via coaxial video cable (RG59 or similar), this removes the requirement for separate cables and power supplies which…

    SKU: DS-2CE12HFT-E(3.6MM)
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