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  • Vandal dome camera 2MP

    2MP Aptina Chip AHD Vandal Dome Camera


    Best price CCTV camera 2MP AHD vandal dome camera with a 3.6mm lens and 20M IR. Switchable output to TVI, AHD, CVI & CVBS. 12 volts DC operation. It is fitted with IR LEDs that provide a maximum distance of 20m in darkness, IK10 vandal-resistant housing, and IP66 rated weatherproof housing making it a great…

  • HiLook 2MP mini bullet camera THC-B120-MS

    THC-B120-MS HiLook 2MP Mini Bullet Camera + Microphone


    THC-B120-MS is a HiLook 2MP mini bullet camera with a built-in microphone for sound recording high. features powerful built-in infrared for images in complete darkness up to 20 meters away. The built-in microphone supplies audio over the coax cable, enabling sound along with the camera image without the need for a separate cable. The all-metal…

    SKU: THC-B120-MS(2.8MM)
  • HiLook 2MP Turret Camera GREY | THC-T220-MC


    Main Features 1080p turret camera Smart IR, up to 40 m IR distance Water resistant (IP66) 4 in 1 (4 signals switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS) THC-T220-MC Hilook 2MP Camera Analogue Downloads THC-T220-MC_Datasheet Hikvision Product Resources Page  

    SKU: THC-T220MC(2.8)/G
  • THC-B150-P Hikvision HiLook 5MP bullet camera

    5MP HiLook THC-B150-P Bullet camera, 2.8mm lens, 30m IR


    THC-B150-P Hikvision HiLook 5MP analogue HD mini bullet camera with 2.8mm wide-angle lens which provides an angle of view of 85.5° This camera comes fitted with infra-red LEDs that are effective up to 30m and IP67 rated weatherproof housing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Can be wall or ceiling mounted,3-year guarantee. Main Features 5…

    SKU: THC-B150-P(2.8mm)
  • THC-B120-MPIRL_hilook

    THC-B120-MPIRL 2MP HiLook Bullet Camera with PIR 2.8mm lens


    The THC-B120-MPIRL offers 1080P HD resolution at a very competitive price, ideal for home or small business security. The camera is nice and discreet, one of the smallest HD cameras available – it can be installed indoors or outdoors and provides night vision up to a maximum of 20 meters. This has two great benefits,…

    SKU: THC-B120MPIRL-2.8MM
  • 5MP colourview cctv camera

    TVision 5MP CCTV AHD, IR, Turret Camera with 2.8mm lens


    Best 5MP CCTV camera in turret style housing for use with AHD ( over coaxial cable ) CCTV Systems. This 5MP  camera produces high-resolution images even at night by using infrared invisible light and a Sony Starvis image sensor. Slim modern design makes this suitable for any location. Wide-angle lens Its 2.8mm wide-angle lens provides…

    SKU: TVI-5MPIR-2.8MM/1W
  • Hilook THC-T250-M turret camera

    THC-T250-M HiLook 5MP Turret Camera with 2.8mm Lens


    This THC-T250-M  Hikvision Hilook 5MP turret CCTV camera is competitively priced and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. THC-T250-M features 4 in 1 Technology 4-in-1 CCTV is a new hybrid format, allowing the camera to be switched between HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI and CVBS. This means you no longer have to worry about format compatibility…

    SKU: THC-T250M(2.8MM)
  • 5MP colourview cctv camera

    Tvision 5MP Colourview Turret Camera 2.8mm


    5MP colourview CCTV security surveillance camera for use with AHD CCTV Systems. This camera produces colour images even at night by using visible warm light. Slim modern design makes this suitable for any location. Its 2.8mm wide-angle lens provides 110 horizontal angles of view will ensure it covers a wide area of your property. Suitable…

    SKU: TVI-5MPCVU-2.8MM/1W
  • DS-2CE78D0T-IT3FS Hikvision

    DS-2CE78D0T-IT3FS Hikvision 2MP Turret Camera, Microphone 2.8mm lens


    Hikvision 2MP turret CCTV camera with built-in microphone for sound recording. The  DS-2CE78D0T-IT3FS is suitable for all current ranges of Hikvision DVRs except Power Over Coaxial. Built-in microphone Supports audio over coaxial cable for sound recording with its built-in microphone Hikvision Turret housing A turret security camera also called an eyeball camera, is a small…

    SKU: DS-2CE78D0T-IT3FS(2.8mm)
  • HiLook THC-T250 CCTV camera

    5MP HiLook THC-T250 Turret Camera with 2.8mm lens


    Looking for high-performance video surveillance at an affordable price? Check out HiLook – Hikvision’ s offshoot brand that hits the bullseye for entry-level video surveillance with cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable products and services for small- and medium-sized projects. Featuring IP, analog, and transmission solutions, HiLook offers ideal choices for a wide range of basic security…

    SKU: THC-T250(2.8MM)
  • DS-2CE78H0T-IT3FS Hikvision 5MP

    DS-2CE78H0T-IT3FS Hikvision 5MP Turret Camera + Microphone (AoC) 2.8mm lens


    Hikvision 5MP turret CCTV camera with built-in microphone for audio recording. The DS-2CE78H0T-IT3FS has a 2.8mm lens and 40m IR range. Best outdoor CCTV camera. Hikvision audio over coaxial Hikvision Audio Over Coaxial (AoC) technology is able to provide audio/video recording over the same coax cable using this camera’s built-in microphone. AoC is also supported…

    SKU: DS-2CE78H0T-IT3FS(2.8mm)
  • Hikvision 5MP DS-2CE76H0T-ITMFS

    DS-2CE76H0T-ITMFS Hikvision 5MP Turret Camera with Audio (AoC) 2.8mm lens


    Hikvision 5MP turret CCTV camera with built-in microphone for audio recording. The DS-2CE76H0T-ITMFS has a 2.8mm lens and 30m IR range. Main Features 5MP high-performance CMOS Built-in mic audio over coaxial cable 4 in 1, can be used as TVI, CVI, AHD, or Analogue camera 2.8mm fixed lens Up to 30m IR distance IP67 weatherproof…

    SKU: DS-2CE76H0T-ITMFS(2.8mm)