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  • Screw Driver Terminal Driver

    Screw Driver Terminal Driver


    Screw Driver Terminal Driver with neon tester for mains testing. The screwdriver will illuminate if a voltage of 240V is detected. A convenient way of double checking whether the mains has been disconnected.

    SKU: TOO-BS453091
  • Punch Down Tool for Data Cabling Krone Tool


    Punch Down Tool for Data Cabling also known Krone Tool ideal for telephone work. A convenient way of seating while trimming wire. Suitable for a wide range of terminal blocks types. Handle includes wire extractor hook and spudger.

    SKU: TOO-KD1
  • Coaxial cable stripper

    RG59 Coaxial Cable Stripper


    RG59 stripper Coaxial cable stripper for stripping CCTV cables ready for BNC connectors. Handy tool for quick, easy stripping of the sheath from coaxial cables Adjustable for RG6, RG58, RG59 & RG62 cables. Double bladed for cutting inner & outer core simultaneously just insert the CCTV coaxial cable and rotate the tool 5 times to…

  • RJ45 crimp tool

    RJ45 Crimp Tool for Ethernet Cable


    This RJ45 crimp tool is a modular plug crimp strip & cutting tool for Ethernet Network cable making. don’t for to buy the connectors and cable tester! Make your own Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 RJ45 cables or adapt existing cables. Strip flat or Round Cable Crimper Tool for Crimping RJ45 Modular Ends Cutting Tool.  

  • Cat5E cable tester Ethernet cable

    CAT5E Cable Tester or Ethernet Cable Tester CAT6


    CAT5E cable tester or ethernet cable tester for testing CAT5/6 cables. Test cables & systems with RJ45 & RJ11 connections Remote unit allows testing of network runs up to 300m by connection to wall outlets or patch panels Ideal for verifying the connections on individual patch leads or network cabling Requires 1 x 9v battery…

    SKU: TOO-RJ45-TC
  • 6ins Diagonal Side Cutters


    High quality 6ins diagonal side cutter is a must-have hand tool for all Security installers. High-grade steel and well insulated for electrical work.

    SKU: TOO-BS191916
  • RJ45 connectors pack of 100

    CAT5e RJ45 connectors Pack of 100


    Bulk buy RJ45 connectors pack of 100 for CAT5e ethernet cable. Our standard UTP RJ45 plugs are great for any 8 wire connection. They’re ideal for CCTV and can be used with our IP range, PoE equipment, or baluns. Designed for use with UTP CAT5 and CAT5e, they feature 8 gold plated contacts (8P8C) for…

    SKU: RJ45-000109
  • RJ45EZ crimp tool for network connectors

    TOO-RJ45EZ Crimp Tool for Easy Fix RJ45 Connectors


    Easyfix RJ45EZ Crimp Tool for crimping the Easyfix feed through RJ45 connectors or Ethernet connectors. Can be used with all RJ45 connectors. With our Easyfix range, you can fit an RJ45 plugin in under 60 seconds. Simply organize your cores, push them right through the plug, crimp and then slice off the excess. This unique…

  • BNC Crimp tool

    BNC Crimp Tool for 2 & 3 part BNC


    BNC Crimp Tool BNC crimp hand tool for use with RG59 coaxial cable and 3 part crim on BNC connectors. Exceptional ratchet crimp tool made from high-quality materials. This crimp tool has a ratchet action to aid termination of 50 Ω and 75 Ω connector ranges such as BNC, TNC, UHF, Mini UHF, and SMA,…

  • Ratchet crimp tool

    Electrical Connector Ratchet Crimp Tool


    This professional Ratchet Crimp Tool is engineered to simplify a complicated crimping process to deliver the best experience of its kind. Functional Wire Crimping tool-works smoothly and securely Professional crimper tool kit for high efficient crimping Made of high quality 45# steel and 40CR Ratchet mechanism for Strong intensity and durable Adjustable grip tension and…

  • Digital Multimeter

    Digital Multimeter with Auto Range


    Digital multimeter with auto ranginge display. Measures Volts Ohms , Amps. Suitable for CCTV & burglar arms engineers.

    SKU: TOO-MM01
  • CAT5E cable tester

    SC8108 Network Cable Tester Ethernet CAT5


    A must-have tool for all IP CCTV installation SC8108 Network cable tester Ethernet cable test or CAT5 tester with digital display. requires 4 x AAA batteries – not included.

    SKU: SC8108