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  • LC to LC Duplex Fibre Optic Cable 2m


    Duplex Fibre Optic Cable Fibre optic cable 2m length for use with Mini GBIC modules – SFP modules  

    SKU: 005-634-020-22B
  • TP-Link MC220L Gigabit Media Convertor


    TP-Link MC220L Media Convertor The TP-Link MC220L  media converter designed to convert 1000BASE-SX/LX fiber to 1000Base-T copper media or vice versa. Designed under IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T and IEEE802.3z 1000Base-SX/LX standards, the MC220L is designed for use with multi-mode/single-mode fiber cable utilizing the LC-Type connector. It works at 850nm on both transmitting and receiving data when adopting…

    SKU: MC220L(UN)
  • poe splitter

    Hi Poe Splitter 60 Watts PD3401


    High power active PoE splitter ( HiPoE) rated at 60 watts which is suitable for even the largest of PTZ cameras or IR lighting. Units are supplied configured to output 12VDC. Requires Hi PoE injector or Hi PoE switch to operate – sold separately. What’s it used for? Some fully IP motorized speed domes (…

    SKU: POE-PD3401
  • TP-Link TL-SM311LM(UN) Gigabit Fibre Optic SFP Module


    TP-Link TL-SM311LM(UN) Manufactured by TP-Link a world-famous name in IT. Gigabit Multimode Fibre SFP Module The TL-SM311 series Fiber Module Cards are introduced for extending transfer distance. Attached to our managed/smart switches, they can extend the distance to several kilometers even tens of kilometers which can basically satisfy the distance requirement of LAN. Users can…

    SKU: TL-SM311LM
  • IP over coaxial

    IP Over Coax Sender, 1yr gtee


    IP over coaxial or twisted pair sender (transmitter ) Used with receiver such as POE-2204E can send network data up to a maximum distance of 1,800 metres. Range using RG59 cable ( approx.) 300m @ 134Mbps 600m @ 60Mbps 900m @ 30Mbps 1200m @ 11.9 Mbps 1500m @ 4.5Mbps

    SKU: POE-2201E
  • HT412 4 port POE switch for CCTV

    4 Port PoE Switch with 2 Uplink Ports, Extended Range HT412


    This 4 Port PoE Switch with 2 uplink ports is used to power Hikvision IP cameras and other PoE devices. HT412 Features 4 PoE ports and 2 uplink ports 100Mbps 802.3af IEEE compliant Extended range switch for up to 250m cable lengths Builtin power supply size – 202 x 140 x 45mm Extended range  When…

    SKU: HT412
  • IP to Coax Receiver 1year gtee

    IP to Coax Receiver 1 year gtee


    IP to coaxial or twisted pair receiver with 4 ethernet ports. One coaxial cable in will provide 4 IP camera output. Used with sender such as POE-2201E can send network data up to a maximum distance of 1,800 metres. Range using RG59 cable ( approx.) 300m @ 134Mbps 600m @ 60Mbps 900m @ 30Mbps 1200m…

    SKU: POE-2204E
  • DS-3E0105P-E(B) Hikvision PoE switch

    DS-3E0105P-E(B) Hikvision 4 Port PoE switch


    Buy Hikvision 4 Port PoE switch with 1 port uplink model number DS-3E0105P-E(B) A Power Over Etherswitch provides power and data to other PoE devices such as Ip cameras, office phones, PA speakers and lights. Most of our NVRs ahave PoE builtin but you can also use an external unit to save cabling for large…

    SKU: DS-3E0105P-E(B)
  • DS-3E0106HP-E Hikvision poE switch

    DS-3E0106HP-E Hikvision 4 port PoE switch plus 2 Uplink


    Hikvision DS-3E0106HP-E 4-ports 100Mbps long-range unmanaged PoE+ switch DS-3E0106HP-E switches are layer 2 100 Mbps long-range PoE switches, providing 1 × 10/100 Mbps Hi-PoE port, 3 × 10/100 Mbps PoE ports, and 2 × 10/100 Mbps RJ45 ports. The switches provide advanced Hi-PoE/PoE technology and support extend mode with long-range access up to 250 m….

    SKU: DS-3E0106HP-E
  • Hikvision 60 watt PoE injector

    60 Watt PoE Injector for High Power PTZs PoE++


    Buy 60 Watt PoE injector for use with large Hikvision & Dahua PTZs Installed in line with the network cable to inject Power over Ethernet & provide a date to NVR. 60 watt PoE injector features RoHS compliant Compatible With All IEEE pre 802.3af, 802.3at, and Legacy Powered Devices Input voltage:90Vac~264Vac Support 300Vac input for…

  • 8 port Poe switch for IP cameras

    8 Port PoE switch plus 2 Gigabit Ports for CCTV use


    8 port PoE switch with 8 ports PoE and  2 x Gigabit non-PoE ports which are normally used to link the NVR to the Power over Ethernet switch. IEEE802.3af standard PoE data and power transmission distance 100meters. Output power 15.4 Watts for each port. Built-in power. size 140 x 91 x 28mm. 8 Port POE…

    SKU: POE-PS6010E
  • DTV-IPCOAX-T Ethernet over coax

    DTV-IPCOAX-T IP and Power Over Coaxial


    The DTV-IPCOAX-T is Ethernet and power signal transmitter over a single coaxial cable. The DTV-IPCOAX-T is used with DTV-IPCOAX/R, which is an ideal solution for the reconstruction of old projects without any change of existing coaxial cable. You needn’t change coax into network cable when you want to change analog cameras into IP cameras. Both…

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