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  • FPDELTA-CW-1 Pyronix-Enforcer-delta-sounder-cover

    Pyronix Enforcer Delta Bell Sounder Cover White FPDELTA-CW


    Pyronix Enforcer  Delta bell sounder cover plate in white. The back box is sold separately.

  • FPDELTA-BDB Pyronix Enforcer Delata Bell Backplate Blue


    Pyronix Delta bell backplate in blue for use with Pyronix bell modules. The cover plate is sold separately.

  • EUR-ETAG Pack of 5 Proxy Tags for Pyronix


    Pyronix enforcer proxy tags EUR-ETAG . Allows you to set and unset the alarm by bringing this euro tag near the burgalr alarm.

  • KEYFOB-WE Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Keyfob


    Wireless Pyronix KEYFOB-WE. Can be used for setting and un-setting the Pyronix Enforcer alarm panel. 4 Buttons & 8 Functions A simple and easy way to arm and disarm your system Control wired automation outputs such as gates and garage doors View system status Rolling code high-security encryption

  • Enforcer Wireless Door Contact

    MC1MINIBROWN-WE Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Door Contact


    ALA-MC1MINIBROWN-WE Pyronix Enforcer wireless door conact in brown. Pyronix Enforcer wireless door contact BROWN for use with Enforcer burglar alarm systems.

  • Pyronix Enforcer wireless door contact

    MC1MINI-WE Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Door Contact


    Pyronix Enforcer wireless door contact MC1MINI-WE  for use with Enforcer burglar alarm kits. MC1MINI-WE Wireless Door Contact Alerting anyone to the opening of doors and windows. Wireless door contact provides Perimeter protection just went up a level with the smart and compact MC1MINI–WE. Available in white, brown, or anthracite grey and easy to fit, the…

  • KX10DP-WE Pyronix Enforcer Wireless PIR Pet Detector


    Pyronix Enforcer Wireless PIR pet detector Pyronix Enforcer wireless detector with pet immunity which can be disabled. Model number KX10DP-WE and includes batteries. For use with Pyronix enforcer alarm panels. KX10DP-WE Wireless PIR

  • EUROZEM8 Wire 8 Zone Expander for Pyronix

    EUROZEM8 Wire 8 Zone Expander for Pyronix


    Pyronix Zone Expander Increase the amount of supported wired devices for Pyronix system with the Eurozem8 zone expander for Pyronix. The EUROZEM8 works with either double pole wiring or double End of Line wiring for each of the 8 inputs. EUROZEM8 Zone Expander Features: 8 double pole or double EoL Zone expander 4 Transistor outputs…

  • Pyronix_SMOKE-WE_Wireless_Smoke_Sensor

    Pyronix SMOKE-WE Wireless Smoke Sensor


    Manufactured with safety in mind, the Pyronix SMOKE-WE Enforcer wireless smoke sensor detectors is a must for your home safety security systems. Convenient for installers with the simple to install One-Push-To-Learn feature, the ENF-SMOKE-WE is quick and easy for installers and end-users alike. As it is wireless, there is no need to run wires into…


    ENF32UK-WE Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Burglar Alarm


    Enforcer Wireless Burglar Alarm One panel to suit them all The easiest installation choice you’ll have to make All the best features of the Enforcer 32WE and Enforcer HomeControl+  panels brought together with the Enforcer V10. Instead of options  being black or white, now you can provide any functionality or application with one panel. Superior…

  • Pyronix Kit Includes ENF32UK-WE

    Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Alarm Kit 1


    Pyronix Enforcer Kit (Includes ENF32UK-WE) Pyronix enforcer kit 1 Includes – 1x ENF32UK-WE all in one two-way wireless panel with DIGI-WIFI communicator 2x KX10DP-WE – wireless KX pet immune PIR detector 10m range 1x MC1MINI-WE – two-way wireless mini magnetic contact 2x KEYFOB-WE – two-way wireless key fob 1x DELTA/MOD-WE – wireless Deltabell module You will also need to…

  • Pyronix Enforce Wireless Alarm Kit 3


    PSTN and traditional phone lines continue to develop issues since the move to digital, while IP communications and push notifications with smart apps go from strength to strength. So, a DIGI-WIFI module* is supplied for free, as standard, with the Enforcer V10 to deliver PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ connectivity and all the benefits they provide.* Safe…