How to setup Hik Connect Overview

Hik-Connect is essentially a web portal by Hikvision which  provides a service on the internet.

You register an account there – enter your mobile phone number or  email address and password. You can now also use visitor mode which eliminates the need to create an account.
You then add your HikVision devices to your account various methods, details elsewhere – see link below for more information, setup videos and documentation.

Need help to setup your Hik Connect? – Call us 01234 816238

We can setup your Hik Connect app for a small fee If you  didn’t buy your Hikvision CCTV System from us. Please call us on 01234 854238.

If you have multiple cameras connected to an NVR – just add the NVR to your Hik-Connect account – you will be able to see the cameras connected to it.
You enable your Hikvision devices to effectively ‘phone home’ to this Hik-Connect web portal (known as allowing ‘Platform Access’).
In doing so they are able to report their current world wide web IP address back to the Hik-Connect portal.
Using UPNP your HikVision device is also able to configure your router to permit access to it from the Hik-Connect portal although this is now not nessary and is complex to setup.

Hikvision also provide software to run on MS windows or MAC called IVMS-4500. Mac has limited functions compared to its PC version and port forwarding may be needed for more complex functions such as output switching , 2 way audio. The same appled to the iPhone APP.

How to set uo Hik Connect App

If your Hikvision DVR/NVR has a label stating default password and a password written on the recorder, then we have set up all options to allow the recorder to be viewed on the internet using a mobile device or a computer using Hik connect APP. Just follow from step 5 onwards or see the first video above in order to view your CCTV system.

If your recorder is not pre-configured for Hik connect, please start from step 1 or view the video below.

  • Unpack your Hikvision DVR/NVR and ensure your network cable is plugged into the LAN port of the DVR/NVR & your router before powering up. We recommend placing the recorder near the router at this stage. Use a ready-made network cable or a cable which has been tested. Do not use a wireless home plug or other wireless units at this stage.

  • Power up your Hikvision DVR/NVR and Right click to bring up the sign in screen. Key in the password which is written on the label or draw the pattern which is also on the label. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD until you are confident with the working of the recorder. We suggest you allow 2 weeks for this.

  • If Hik-connect shows a status as online then your DVR/NVR is communicating with the internet and you are ready to setup Hik connect on your mobile device or PC. If Hik connect  offline is shown then check the network cable which connects the recorder to your router. Use a laptop in place of the recorder to see if you can access the internet. Remember to switch off the Wi-Fi on the laptop.
  • Create a Hik Connect account

    Using your mobile phone, go to the app store or play store and download an app called HIK CONNECT by Hikvision.

  • Once downloaded, start the app and select Hik connect from the icons at the bottom of the screen on your mobile.

  • Select Register 

  • On the next screen select Register by mobile phone  & select your country – Select United Kingdom from the drop-down list. Next, enter your mobile phone number & tick the terms and conditions.

  • Your will receive a text with your verification code, enter this code when prompted.This code must be used within 30 minutes & select next.

  • On the next screen, you need to create a username and password for your Hik-connect account DO NOT FORGET THESE details, WRITE THIS DOWN immediately. Password MUST be at least 8 digits long and contain a least a letter in Capital & lower case as well as a number. Do not use *!) etc.

  • On the next screen click the plus sign at the top and select Scan QR CodeNow scan the QR code which is the MENU >CONFIGURATION> NETWORK>PLATFORM ACCESS on the DVR. You can also add the DVR using the 9 digit number which is on the label of the DVR, simply select manual add instead of Scan QR code.

  • Once successfully added, you are ready to view your CCTV remotely.Please note that if DVR doesn’t add then check that its status is online in the platform access settings.

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